Two Years at sea



Limited edition posters in A0 format for the Ben Rivers’ movie Two years at sea, presented in the independent movie theatre Zumzeig in Barcelona.

Edition limited to 25 copies, Silkprinted in graphite ink on cotton paper. Printed in Taller Vallirana. Poster design by: Diego Bustamante, Ariadna Serrahima and Todojunto.

todojunto_TwoYearsatSea-zumzeig-2 todojunto_TwoYearsatSea-zumzeig-7 todojunto_TwoYearsatSea-zumzeig-3 todojunto_TwoYearsatSea-zumzeig-6 todojunto_TwoYearsatSea-zumzeig-5 todojunto_TwoYearsatSea-zumzeig-4